Jasmine International Public Co., Ltd.
Jasmine International Public Co., Ltd.

Presently, Jasmine International PCL. has adjusted its role to be an investment or holding company, with an objective to invest in communications and information technology businesses. To this regard, the Company chooses to invest in businesses whose products and services support and compliment one another. To achieve such goal, the Company fully utilizes potentiality in its well synergized human capital, telecom networks and other core assets. Nowadays, the Company’s businesses are grouped into 4 categories, namely: 1. Broadband Business that provides high-speed linkage, digital data network, Internet services and applications, as well as nationwide WiFi service. 2. Telecom Network & Service Provider Business that provides services on optical fiber networks on both eastern and western coast-lines, leased-circuits for domestic and international data communications, international Internet gateway, and satellite communications. 3. System Integration Business that provides equipment sourcing, design, and installation of telecommunication and IT systems, as well as distribution of sophisticated test equipment, computer systems and other related equipment. 4. Other Businesses that include property and office rental and related services for Jasmine International Tower.
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